Indianapolis Disaster

I can think of a lot of frustrating games that have ended in defeat but this one truly takes the cake. Up 21-3 starting the third quarter over a rebuilding Colts team with a rookie, albeit talented, quarterback, they found a way to piss the game away by not adjusting to injuries and an opposing offense that featured only 1 true threat.

BJ Raji? Hurt.

Cedric Benson? Hurt.

Jermichael Finley? Hurt.

All excuses. This team features more talent than most squads could only dream of fielding. Add to that a defense coordinator that somehow could not find a way to shut down Reggie Wayne – 13 catches, really?

Can’t blame the officials on this loss even with a few “questionable” calls.

I can’t fathom how you have Dom Capers as a defensive coordinator – a guy that has been around the league for what feels like decades – and Reggie Wayne continued to kill Green Bay the entire game. The last drive seemed to be the worst where Andrew Luck just threw the ball up to him and he made play after play. Yes, I’m frustrated and I think we as Packer fans have the right to be.


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