One would argue (such as the NFL offices) that poor calls go both ways and are simply part of the game – part of sport that can’t be completely moderated and controlled. Part of that ideology I agree with, but at some point the ridiculous calls have to actually GO both ways.

The Seahawks game has been cried about, written about and complained about a thousand times over and most NFL fans are simply tired of hearing about it by now. To get right down to it, it cost Green Bay a game and possible playoff seeding and/or entrance and to lose a game on that type of call could have crippling implications on this season. To those who say that the Packers didn’t deserve to win that game, I will say this: based on the first half, you are absolutely correct. Add in the second half and you are absolutely wrong. They outplayed and outscored (which is the purpose of sport, right?) Seattle and put themselves in a position to win the game.

Fast forward next week to the Saints. Darren Sproles’ fumble, Colston pushing off in the endzone, etc… Luckily, Green Bay was able to beat both the Saints and the Referees in this game. One can only hope that the winning trend continues and the refs find it in their heart to call a fair game.


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