I’ll start this off by saying that I am a huge Jennings fan. I loved it when they drafted him, I stuck up for him when Favre was in the middle of his hissy fit about getting more weapons as I somehow knew Greg was going to be the player that he is.

Having said that, I am getting quite tired of listening to him talk about his contract and this possibly being his last year in Green Bay. I completely understand the fact the interviewer brought up the subject and he simply answered it with all truthfulness.  I also completely understand the fact that Green Bay and it’s fans are a different community and they take this kind of information differently than a “major market” fanbase would. To us, the team is more than a hobby; it dictates what we do on a Sunday afternoon and consumes a lot of what we think and talk about on a daily basis. Corny? Kinda, but it’s a way of life that I was raised with and most Packer fans were as well.

Now, Jennings can’t stay on the field. This is a contract year. If you can’t stay on the field during a contract year then something is wrong in more than one place. My point with this entire post is that if you are in a contract year, play in Green Bay and are being asked about your future with the club it may be wise to choose a different answer to an obvious question.


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