Indianapolis Disaster

I can think of a lot of frustrating games that have ended in defeat but this one truly takes the cake. Up 21-3 starting the third quarter over a rebuilding Colts team with a rookie, albeit talented, quarterback, they found a way to piss the game away by not adjusting to injuries and an opposing offense that featured only 1 true threat.

BJ Raji? Hurt.

Cedric Benson? Hurt.

Jermichael Finley? Hurt.

All excuses. This team features more talent than most squads could only dream of fielding. Add to that a defense coordinator that somehow could not find a way to shut down Reggie Wayne – 13 catches, really?

Can’t blame the officials on this loss even with a few “questionable” calls.

I can’t fathom how you have Dom Capers as a defensive coordinator – a guy that has been around the league for what feels like decades – and Reggie Wayne continued to kill Green Bay the entire game. The last drive seemed to be the worst where Andrew Luck just threw the ball up to him and he made play after play. Yes, I’m frustrated and I think we as Packer fans have the right to be.



I’ll start this off by saying that I am a huge Jennings fan. I loved it when they drafted him, I stuck up for him when Favre was in the middle of his hissy fit about getting more weapons as I somehow knew Greg was going to be the player that he is.

Having said that, I am getting quite tired of listening to him talk about his contract and this possibly being his last year in Green Bay. I completely understand the fact the interviewer brought up the subject and he simply answered it with all truthfulness.  I also completely understand the fact that Green Bay and it’s fans are a different community and they take this kind of information differently than a “major market” fanbase would. To us, the team is more than a hobby; it dictates what we do on a Sunday afternoon and consumes a lot of what we think and talk about on a daily basis. Corny? Kinda, but it’s a way of life that I was raised with and most Packer fans were as well.

Now, Jennings can’t stay on the field. This is a contract year. If you can’t stay on the field during a contract year then something is wrong in more than one place. My point with this entire post is that if you are in a contract year, play in Green Bay and are being asked about your future with the club it may be wise to choose a different answer to an obvious question.


One would argue (such as the NFL offices) that poor calls go both ways and are simply part of the game – part of sport that can’t be completely moderated and controlled. Part of that ideology I agree with, but at some point the ridiculous calls have to actually GO both ways.

The Seahawks game has been cried about, written about and complained about a thousand times over and most NFL fans are simply tired of hearing about it by now. To get right down to it, it cost Green Bay a game and possible playoff seeding and/or entrance and to lose a game on that type of call could have crippling implications on this season. To those who say that the Packers didn’t deserve to win that game, I will say this: based on the first half, you are absolutely correct. Add in the second half and you are absolutely wrong. They outplayed and outscored (which is the purpose of sport, right?) Seattle and put themselves in a position to win the game.

Fast forward next week to the Saints. Darren Sproles’ fumble, Colston pushing off in the endzone, etc… Luckily, Green Bay was able to beat both the Saints and the Referees in this game. One can only hope that the winning trend continues and the refs find it in their heart to call a fair game.